Sentinels Poster Art for X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Yesterday we bashed the X-Men: Days of Future Past posters. Today we've got an art poster by Orlando Arocena that Fox should use in their marketing. The design and colors really mix the movie's '70s era Sentinels with a palette that feels more like the comic version. The strong lines coming into the chest to make the X are a great touch.

We haven't seen too much of the future Sentinels in the trailer or TV spots, so Arocena does his best to evoke their silhouette. Rendered fully in vector, Arocena shows some really amazing talent at work here.

You can buy a Giclee print in 17" x 23" from Arocena's store. There is also an Ultra foil print available that would look pretty amazing.

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