Set of X-MEN Classic Pop! Vinyl Figures

Gear X-Men by Eli Reyes

The reoccurring complaint that litters our comments section whenever a new X-Men film comes out is, “Why can’t they use the classic costumes?” And when they say “classic,” they often mean the ‘90s versions of the mutant characters that have been etched into our brains thanks to the animated TV series that most of us grew up watching (Sorry, ’60s and ‘70s X-Men). While you may not see those costumes replicated in a feature film anytime soon, you can at least see those classic looks on your shelf with these X-Men Classic Pop! Vinyl Figures.

The 3.75” tall figures won’t be available until December,  but you can preorder them now for $9.99 each over at Entertainment Earth.

Marvel Studios have done a fantastic job of translating the iconic costumes for their properties that are faithful to the comics yet believable for the universe they have created. Fox has gone a different route for their films, opting to outfit the X-Men in leather or futuristic armor. Perhaps since X-Men: Apocalypse will take place during the ‘80s, they’ll take advantage of the wild fashions of that decade and finally be able to justify these costumes that fans have been anxious to see on screen.

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