Set Photos From Live-Action FULL METAL ALCHEMIST Appear Online


There were a ton of excited people on the site when it was announced there would be a live-action adaptation of Full Metal Alchemist. We now have our first look at how Edward Elric will look in the film, courtesy of Anime News Network.

Ed will be played by Japanese actor Ryōsuke Yamada, and you can see him in costume below. I'm going to be honest: I don't like the look. I always understood Edward to be a teenage guy, so seeing a full grown adult in a blonde wig is super off-putting for me. I didn't really expect this film to be as great as we were all imagining it, but this falls even lower than my initial expectations.

I'm probably being a bit too harsh, but my experience with live-action anime in the past has been less than average (to be kind about it). I'll try to reserve my judgment until we see a trailer.

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