Seth Green on Why Ben Affleck Is Not a Good Batman Choice

Fan Art by Ben Wilsonham

Fan Art by Ben Wilsonham

As I'm sure you all know by now, Seth Green is a huge fanboy who cares about fanboy things, and he recently weighed in on the controversial topic of Ben Affleck's casting as Batman in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel. Fans are split on this casting decision, and Green falls on the side of those who are NOT fans of Affleck in the role of Batman. In a recent interview with Larry King Now the actor explained,

“Modern mainstream is accepting of interpretations of these characters with more gravitas, you know. We’re past the time of Adam West’s kind of goofy interpretation of Batman.

"You gotta remember that at the core of that character, Batman’s a crazy person. Batman has no powers. Batman is a rich, screwed up kid whose parents were killed in front of him.

"If this movie is meant to be the idealistic alien, humans before all else Superman, and this is supposed to be the grizzled weathered Batman who’s been living in Gotham, fighting crime himself for 10 years, you need a guy who’s older, you need a guy who’s got more weight, you need a guy that a Henry Cavill Superman is gonna be actually scared of.” 

He made some really good points there, but King came back at Green saying, “Affleck is a very good actor, and you’re supposed to act." To that Green replied,

“Yes, but, there is only so much that you can act a role before people are or are not going to believe you in that role.

"I’m never going to play, um, you know, an MMA fighter, because I’d step into the ring with an actual MMA fighter like Batista and I wouldn’t look correct.”

I still think there's a chance that Affleck can pull this off. If he doesn't… there is going to be a fan uprising like we've never seen before. You can watch the interview below. 

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