SEVEN DEADLY SINS Gets Subbed Trailer for Animax

If you are like me, you are looking high and low for hints as to when the second season of The Seven Deadly Sins will be dubbed and put on Netflix. It has been airing in Japan since January with the fans of the dub being told it would come out later. Hopefully, we’ll see it later this year. If you’re wanting to see the subbed version of the anime, it appears that it will be available via Animax Asia starting April 14, 2018. They will air the first 12 episodes back to back and each subsequent episode will air on Saturdays.

We’ve been given an awesome trailer for this sub and the nice thing is that it features some English! Some text that is normally Japanese is in English and the voice at the end is in English as well to explain how to watch the season. The trailer makes me even more excited for the second season and I am getting really impatient. I hope we find out more about when we can expect it on Netflix soon.

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