Shane Black Confirms THE PREDATOR Will Use Practical Effects

YES! If you read the title you already know what this article is about and there isn't much else to say other than, hooray!

It has recently been announced that The Predator, the new film in the franchise being directed by Shane Black, would be pushed back a bit to August 2018. While this was saddened some, Shane Black luckily brought good news as well in the form of a tweet.

This is all I needed to hear. Although many films rely on CGI, I'm always excited to hear a film wants to do it the old school practical way. Practical effects just give a film more of a sense of reality. Mad Max: Fury Road and the new Star Wars films are always lauded when using practical effects because it shows a desire to give weight and reality to something.

Even if there are special effects in the new Predator movie, it makes me feel at least a small bit relieved to know there is a real terrifying 7-foot-tall Predator on set. Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference.

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