SHARKNADO: THE 4TH AWAKENS Teaser Trailer is Just As Ridiculous As You'd Expect

The first Sharknado movie was a surprise hit because of the social media buzz it received, but I'm sort of baffled that these low-budget movies have retained enough popularity to become an honest-to-God franchise. Doesn't the law of diminishing returns kick in at a certain point? How far can they go where the fans will still follow? I'm genuinely asking, because I haven't actually seen any of these movies. But as someone who loves the Fast & Furious franchise, I guess I can't look down at the idea of sequels getting increasingly more ridiculous.

Here's the first teaser trailer for Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, which debuted this morning on Syfy's Twitter page:

Yes, that's a Magic Mike-esque stripper repelling a shark with his pelvis. And yes, that appears to be a Wolverine cosplayer parkouring off a wall and punching a shark in the jaw. So yeah, this movie is exactly what you're expecting.

Set your DVRs for the premiere on Syfy on July 31, 2016 at 8pm.

The two-hour original movie will pick up five years after last summer’s Oh Hell No! three-quel, with Ian Ziering’s Fin enjoying a sharknado-free existence… until the natural disasters begin cropping up in expected places.
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