Shawn Levy Reveals a Huge STRANGER THINGS Spoiler He Accidentally Let Slide at Comic-Con

Nerds, writers, people of the internet- we have failed. Months ago, Stranger Things producer and director Shawn Levy revealed a spoiler regarding Season 2 on accident, and no one caught on to it! You're probably wondering what it could be? Well, if you have already watched Stranger Things, read on, otherwise... spoilers. It's in the title dude.

Months ago, while at Comic-Con, Shawn Levy was doing an interview with Collider, talking about the characters. It was a pretty run of the mill interview, and a question was asked about some of the characters, and Levy made a statement that you would think people might have theorized about, I mean, at least the nutjob conspiracy theorists, but no one did. Levy says it best himself:

"I think I can say this now, by the way, I did an interview at Comic-Con, I think, where someone asked, 'Oh, do you think Bob is gonna be beloved?' and I said, 'Well, Bob is the new Barb,' And I said that and literally, I was like, 'Oh, no. No, no. I just meant he's likable. I just mean the fans are gonna love him. I accidentally forecast his death.
"Thank f**** god, I trolled every major site to see who picked that up, who took a deeper dive, and I was waiting for the angry phone call from [co-creators] Matt and Ross [Duffer], Thankfully, no one is that interested in anything I have to say, so it didn't catch fire, but if you go and look, I completely leaked the death of Bob. I can admit that now."

Part of me is disappointed in all of us, but another part of me is glad. That moment, while we definitely see it coming in the moments before, (SERIOUSLY, BOB! IF YOU ARE RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE FROM A MONSTER, DON'T STOP JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE IN A DIFFERENT ROOM AND SEE A PRETTY GIRL! THE MONSTER IS STILL THERE!) it certainly is something that tugs at your heartstrings if you don't see it coming. Justice for Bob. Well played Shawn Levy. You got us... THIS time. But don't expect us to go so quietly into the night next time. We're watching you.

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