SHERLOCK Season 4 Will Be Dark and Starts Shooting in 2016

It's going to be awhile before the long-awaited fourth season of Sherlock is ready for fans to watch. Stephen Moffat said that the fourth season of the popular BBC drama won't start filming until spring of 2016. The news was revealed during a BATFA press conference (via Digital Spy). Moffat also teased the series in a previous interview with EW in which he said the series will represent "an emotional upheaval." and leave fans desperate for season 5. He went on to say,

"There are answers coming to questions which nobody has asked. There's one thing that no one has really brought up…"

He added,

"[Series four] is going to be... I suppose you'd say... consequences. It's consequences. Chickens come to roost. It's dark in some ways - obviously it's great fun and a Sherlock Holmes romp and all that - but there's a sense of things coming back to bite you.”

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman both have packed schedules, so it makes sense that they would have to wait so long to get season 4 going. At least they are still making time to do it! Hopefully they will make it to season 5, especially if season 4 is going to make fans desperate for it.

At least we have the standalone Sherlock victorian special which is set to air later in 2015. The 90-minute special will be separate from the other seasons of the show. You can read more about that here.

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