Shioli Kutsuna Cast in DEADPOOL 2 in a Key Role, Could It Be Lady Deathstrike?

Deadpool fans rejoice! Another actor has been announced into the sequel! This time it's Shioli Kutsuna.

While no one is quite sure what role Kutsuna will be playing, many people are excited, nonetheless, because she is taking on a key role. She has mostly done work in Japan but has recently made her way to America in Oh, Lucy and will be seen later this year in The Outsider starring Jared Leto.

Thinking of Marvel characters that could come into play with Kutsuna, the first obvious answer is Lady Deathstrike the Japanese female assassin involved in Weapon X. It would be a very likely choice. Another possible character is Typhoid Mary. She is a crazy assassin who has worked with Deadpool before as well as totally betrayed Deadpool. It wouldn't be a surprise to see her find her way back into totally being a problem for Deadpool. The only issue is that many people are saying that Typhoid Mary might be a Jessica Jones villain. Technically she is a mutant, so it wouldn't be totally out of line to see her in Deadpool. Also, it wouldn't be totally crazy for her to be a completely new character. We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Deadline

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