Short Film ALL YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS! Blends Animation With Dozens of Live-Action Movie Clips

The folks at Ornana Films, the same team who created the jaw-dropping animated war short "Confusion Through Sand", are back with a new short film project called "All Your Favorite Shows!" While not technically a horror film, it plays up the idea that being obsessed with consuming entertainment at your fingertips can become a horrifying thing if it's not kept in check, and it uses an inventive blend of animation and dozens of live-action film clips to tell its story. This is one of the best-edited pieces of filmmaking I've seen in a long time, and that includes a bunch of feature films that I've seen this year. The dazzling editing on display goes a long way in helping to capture the sense of imagination of the young boy protagonist, making "All Your Favorite Shows!" something I certainly won't forget any time soon.

All Your Favorite Shows! premiered at SxSw, but was clearly born to live on the internet. Anything you wanna watch in the palm of your hands! Crazy convenient. Crazy...
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