SHOVEL KNIGHT: DUNGEON DUELS Looks Like an Amazing Board Game Kickstarter

Panda Cult Games has partnered with Yacht Club Games to create a Shovel Knight board game. Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels has been created to be a fun side-scrolling dungeon crawling board game for 1-4 players. That’s right, the board scrolls at the end of every round. The goal is to gather as many coins as you can and defeat the boss at the end of the level. You’ll need to watch out for traps, monsters, and the other knights.

There are two versions of Dungeon Duels that you can order. You can get the 2D version which features cardboard standees for all the characters, and this is available if you pledge $40. If you pledge $70 though, you can get the 3D version which includes everything from the 2D version plus pre-assembled 3D miniatures.

This game looks like an absolute blast and if you’re a fan of painting miniatures, the $70 pledge sounds pretty reasonable. You can head on over to Kickstarter to pledge. If you do pledge, the game is currently set to launch in September 2020. At the time of writing, the game is 60% funded and has 23 days left.

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