Sideshow Collectibles Killer Croc Premium Format Figure

Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled their Killer Croc Premium Format Figure, and this thing is incredibly cool. Artists Pablo Viggiano and Alfred Paredes did a great job sculpting this bad boy. I’ve always liked Killer Croc. He’s a great Batman villain, and this just a badass character design. The figure is currently available for pre-order for $519. If you want one, click here.

“I threw a rock at him!” 
Killer Croc might not be the brightest villain to ever grace the pages of DC Comics, but he is one of the toughest and most brutal. Constantly stepping up against Batman, and occasionally other super-villains, Killer Croc is as formidable an opponent as he is a statue. 
Sideshow’s Killer Croc Premium Format™ Figure captures the physicality and anger that DC collectors expect from this misshapen villain. Poised to stomp through the sewers, Croc’s feet are kicking up a splash as a rat scurries around him. Clad in weathered fabric pants and rope belt, one gets an idea that his is a man or beast that has been living rough on the edge. 
The Sideshow exclusive version of the Killer Croc Premium Format™ Figure features a swap-out portrait that is far more crocodilian in appearance.
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