Sideshow Reveals New COURT OF THE DEAD Bust of the Executus Reaper Oglavaeil

I don't know if you're familiar with Sideshow Collectibles' line of Court of the Dead collectibles, but it's pretty awesome. It's an original concept that they've come with featuring some crazy cool characters. To learn more about it and see their whole collection, click here. There's a whole world and story that they are creating that would seriously make for a great film franchise!

There most recent addition to the franchise is a bust of The Executus Reaper Oglavaeil. This is Death's executioner, and Sideshow offers some intriguing information on the character that you can read below:

Do you dare to gaze into the eyes of the one who would be your end? 

You may be surprised to discover a hint of pity there


In the Court of the Dead - an original dark fantasy universe created by Sideshow - only Death stands between the Mortal Realm and the warring heavens. Seeking to restore balance to the universe, Death created the Court of the Dead: His Queen, a Chancellor, and an Executioner… 
This intricately rendered and hyper-detailed portrait of Oglavaeil, Death’s Executioner, provides a unique view of a compelling character torn between his morbid duty and his compassion for those he must end. Despite his awesome destructive power, Oglavaeil is a gentle spirit. These conflicting elements of the Executioner’s nature have been wonderfully conveyed by Sideshow’s artistic team.  
The bust is 23” wide, and expertly crafted from polystone with a metal supporting rod for balance. It is sold with a removable magnetic jaw piece, which offers different expressions for the Oglavaeil portrait. A Sideshow Exclusive version of this piece also features a “Blind Justice” mask.

You can pre-order this limited edition Court of the Dead collectible here if you're interested!