Sign The Petition For Deadpool To Host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

Pajiba points us to a petition from Andrew Stege that asks Lorne Michaels to allow Deadpool to host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. Not Ryan Reynolds, but Reynolds in character as Deadpool, starring in sketches, wearing weird wigs, and doing an opening monologue. Is this a great idea? Obviously.

But will it happen? Probably not, and not just because A) it's ridiculous, B) it's a movie/comic character, and C) that's never been done before. It's also because whenever they theoretically get around to getting Deadpool suited up and on stage in New York, the movie will have already been in theaters for weeks already, which doesn't really align with the usual "host is there to promote a brand new project" status quo.

But let's throw realism out the window and keep hope alive that this could actually happen. Sign the petition here. At the time of this writing, the petition's server was getting slammed with so much traffic, the page wouldn't even load. So it appears that fans think it's a good idea. Let's see if Lorne Michaels and Ryan Reynolds agree. 

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