Simon Pegg Talks about Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN Exit

As you know, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are best pals, and at one point Pegg was even rumored to be a part of the Ant-Man movie because of the photo above. Nothing ever materialized from that rumor though. No one really saw all this Ant-Man drama coming, it was completely unexpected for the fans, and a lot of them were pissed. In a recent interview with Pegg, he weighs in on his friend's departure from the project saying:

"I Feel lucky that I got to read Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish’s Ant-Man script… Daring, fun, funny, and hugely exciting; shame we won't see it."

He further explained:

"I think it’s a terrible shame. I get why perhaps it’s happened. Maybe they want a particular thing in line with a particular other thing, but if you hire a director who has a particular vision, you’ve got to expect him or her to make a such and such film. An Edgar Wright film. That’s what that script was and it was interesting. The characters had a real journey. I can’t really say too much about it because obviously it’s not my thing, but it’s their loss."

Marvel let go of a great director, but like I've said before, the studio is going to get the movie they want, and they weren't willing to compromise their vision for Wright's. You can watch the video interview below from Sky Movies.

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