Simon West Set to Direct Fantasy-Action Movie WAR WOLF

Action director Simon West (Con Air, Expendables 2, Tomb Raider) has signed on to helm a fantasy-action movie called War Wolf. This sounds like it has potential to be not only a great film but an awesome fantasy franchise. 

War Wolf is set in 1356, after decades of war between the French and English armies, with English soldier Earl Hugo awarded the castle of his enemy, the French assassin Mauchet. But in the walls of the castle and the lands that surround it, someone has reawakened the Loup de Guerre, the ferocious War Wolf of French legend and the nightmarish creature is now on a killing spree.

Variety reports that this is the first in a planned series of films that will center around the magical world of the Loup de Guerre.

There are going to be a lot of special effects makeup and costuming that need to be created for the projects, and the studio has hired Dave Elsey and Lou Elsey, co-founders of the Igor Studios, to develop those. They have previously worked on films such as Mission: Impossible, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and Wolves

Fortitude Intl. is backing the project and this is what its co-founder Nadine de Barros had to say:

“The popularity of the fantasy genre around the globe continues to grow and the fierce world of ‘War Wolf’ is an electric story. Under the masterful direction of Simon West and the brilliant team of Dave and Lou Elsey behind the special effects makeup, this film is going to blow people away with both the look of this fantastical world and the intense storytelling.”

Like always, I'm sure Simon West is going to give us something that's going to be wonderfully entertaining. 

(The image above has nothing to do with the movie, it's just a cool image that popped up when I searched for "War Wolf.")

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