SINISTER SIX Movie Villain Lineup Teased in Photos

As you all know by now Sony Pictures is making a Sinister Six spin-off movie. Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard is the man who will write and direct the villain ensemble film. He will be helping expand the Spider-Man cinematic universe, and it's going to be really interesting to see how he handles telling the story of these villains. It seems like it would be hard to make a movie like this without Spider-Man, but there has been no word on if they will include him or not in the story.

Sony has teased the lineup of the villains that will be in the spin-off in the end credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The news comes from Comingsoon who says that "the credits themselves are fully grounded in the Spidey-verse. Sony and Shazam have today revealed a special promotion whereby users can Shazam the end credits song to have a copy of the credits (minus the titles) delivered to their mobile devices."

They managed to capture six different teaser images that you can look over below. From what is shown it looks like the movie will include the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, and Mysterio or maybe the Chameleon. I can't really tell on that last one. Look at it for yourself and let us know who you think it is. 

The Wrap is reporting that the Sinister Six characters have not been decided on, as Goddard is still finalizing the script. The also say that the movie could start shooting as early as January 2015. I'm sure at this point Sony and Goddard know exactly what they want. After all, they made The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to set it all up.

The movie is set to be released this week on May 1st, and I can't wait!

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