Skateboarding Icon Tony Hawk is Helping Develop a Comedy Called BACK TO THE GRIND

One of the things that I loved about the 80s was all of the cheesy films that were set around extreme sports like Skateboarding, BMX bikes, and surfing. Well, Skateboarding icon Tony Hawk is getting into the movie business and is set to executive produce a skateboarding comedy called Back to the Grind. He will also serve as a script and technical advisor on the film. 

Back to the Grind tells the story of five middle-aged men who reunite the skate team from their youth to save their beloved park from being taken over by a team of obnoxious young skaters. Although they had settled into their adult lives, the five men eagerly embrace the chance to relive their glory days.

I'm in! As someone who grew up in the Skateboarding and surfing culture, this is a film that seems like it could be a lot of fun! It's definitely something that I can relate to. Hawk had this to say in a statement:

"I’m excited to be part of this project, which comes at a time when skateboarding culture is so widely recognized across many generations. Back to the Grind will will be a fun, entertaining story that can enhance skateboarding’s growing popularity."

The idea for the film came from producer Marc Marcum of Branded Pictures Entertainment, and it's based on his love of skateboard culture. He said:

"This idea came from my love for the intersection of art and athleticism that defines skate culture. We look forward to making a movie that will celebrate this sport for all audiences. We’re thrilled to have an icon like Tony Hawk join us in making what we believe will be the definitive skateboarding comedy for skate enthusiasts old and new."

Does this sound like the kind of movie you can get behind?

Source: Variety

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