SLC Comic Con FanX is the 3rd Biggest Geek Event in the Country

Having been to last year's SLC Comic Con and having a good time, I must say that this year's Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Experience was definitely bigger, better, and with the addition of three times more room, way less crowded. 

This year they broke the record (which they set last year with first Comic Con in Salt Lake City) by 20,000 more people. Boasting a total of 100,000 people, FanX is now the third biggest Comic-Con event in the country. The first two being San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con. Here's a little infographic with some stats! 

One of the big upgrades to this second SLC geek event was the fact that they opened up the full convention room floor offering lot of extra room. It was as tightly packed with fans as it was last year.

The extra room this year definitely made everything much more comfortable. There was freedom given to wander and have fun without feeling like you were going to be trampled to death.

The size of the venue also allowed for a much larger Artist Alley, gaming venue, and even introduce the first Kid Con Experience. 

This year the headlining guests included awesome stars like Captain Patrick Stewart, Nathan Fillion, and Karen Gillan. They all took stage and totally owned it, though it would have been nicer to have a little more time with them, I was still very satisfied. There were also many other amazing guests ranging from popular TV to Pop culture classics.

I hit up some great panels during the 3-day event, roamed the floor, got some swag, took a few photos and had a blast. Not only did we have have amazing and fun famous guests, we were also entertained by the fans themselves. Utah has no shortage of geeks, cosplayers and artists. FanX brought them all together and it was loaded with tons of awesome art, incredible cosplay and good times coming from Utah Geekdom. 

FanX was a serious fun time. I’m super excited to attend the next official Comic Con here in Salt Lake. I can only expect bigger and better! Bring us the goods!

Thanks to the fun panels, awesome guests, cool vendors, local amazing talent, and the best fans located here in Utah, our geek appetite was definitely fed.

I've included some photos from the convention along with a video featuring some of the cosplayers in attendance. 

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