Smaller Budgeted DC Comics Movies Going into Development

It looks like Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are going to start developing some smaller budgeted superhero films. They will be based on some of DC Comics lesser known characters. 

The news comes from Bleeding Cool, who reports that Suicide Squad is one property that is specifically mentioned and that it will only need a $40 million budget. Some of the other movies could be made for as little as $20 million. I wonder if these films will expand the already existing universe created by Zack Snyder for Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. 

The other thing they say is that these movies will be coming to us twice a year in the Spring and Fall/Autumn seasons. This is a great idea, and the studio is sure to make a great profit from the films, which also could include characters such as Booster Gold and Deathstroke. I'm excited to see what they end up giving the fans! 

What other DC universe characters would you like to see brought to the big screen? 

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