Supreme Leader Snoke Has Trained "At Least One Other Apprentice" Besides Kylo Ren

We were introduced to Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a giant hologram with an ugly head who does nothing but sit in a chair and act menacingly. Remind you of anyone else in the Star Wars universe? Star Wars Insider Magazine has dropped the knowledge that Snoke has had at least one other apprentice outside of Kylo Ren. Don’t worry, I have not spoiled anything in regard to Star Wars: The Last Jedi yet. However, spoilers are coming up so continue at your own discretion.

So, Snoke has had at least 2 apprentices (maybe more) and he’s now dead. What significance (if any) is there here? Well, it opens up a world of possibilities ranging from Snoke’s previous apprentice(s) coming to avenge their dead master to these same people joining the Resistance because they’ve redeemed themselves. Another theory is that his previous apprentices are dead. Maybe they failed Snoke and that’s why Snoke found Ren; to be his new apprentice.

While all of these theories are plausible, I think the following is the winner so far. These apprentices are the Knights of Ren we learned about in The Force Awakens. We don’t know what happened to the Knights of Ren since we only see them in a flashback in Episode VII and they’re not even mentioned in The Last Jedi. However, I could see the potential for J.J. Abrams to resurrect this group of baddies and have Kylo reassemble them now that he is the one in charge of the First Order. After all, Abrams is the man who created them and it seemed like he wanted them to be a bigger part of the story.

It is important to note that there is a chance that this article was published before the film was released which means it’s possible (but not likely) that this information was cut from The Last Jedi. What do you think about this latest revelation?You can read a scan of the article below to look for clues.

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