SOLO: A STAR WAR STORY - Lucasfilm Shares Details on The Criminal Crew Han Joins and Vehicle Descriptions

Thanks to Lucasfilm, we have some official details on several members of the criminal crew that Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) joins in the film. This gives us a better idea of what to expect from these new Star Wars characters, which includes Becket (Woody Harrelson), Val (Thandie Newton), Qi-Ra (Emilia Clarke), Rio Durant (Jon Favreau), and the droid L3-37. I've also included some descriptions of the vehicles that we've seen in the trailers. 

It's good to see that fans are excited about this movie. After all the drama that unfolded during the production, I wasn't sure what to expect but it looks like Ron Howard will deliver an incredibly fun Star Wars film!

Tobias Beckett

Beckett is a survivor, always quietly working out angles to come out ahead. He's assembled a team of specialized scoundrels to carry out risky but profitable heists.


At 18 years of age, young Qi'ra is already enmmeshed in a life of crime, working for a gang on Corellia

Rio Durant

Rio Durant has carried out dangerous operations alongside scoundrel Tobias Beckett for years. The good-natured Ardennian pilot is up for any challenge.


A no-nonsense and occasionally prickly woman who is a crack shot with a blaster rifle, Val may be the most even-headed and capable member of Tobias Beckett's ragtag crew of scoundrels.


A "self-made droid" built from astromech and protocol parts, L3-37 is an enlightened navigator who cares deeply about droid rights.

Imperial Heavy TIE Fighter

Compensating for the relative fragility of the unshielded TIE starfighter is the armored TIE/rb, a reinforced heavy starfighter with much more powerful laser cannons.

Corellian M-68 Landspeeder

Han Solo is cagey about where he scored this overpowered M-68 landspeeder, saying little beyond that its previous owner no longer had a need for it.

Millennium Falcon

Despite her humble origins and shabby exterior, the Millennium Falcon has played a role in some of the greatest victories of the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic. The Falcon looks like a worn-out junker, but beneath her hull she’s full of surprises. A succession of owners, from Lando Calrissian and Han Solo to Gannis Ducain, have made special modifications that boosted the freighter’s speed, shielding and firepower to impressive – and downright illegal – levels.

The price of such tinkering? The Falcon can be unpredictable, with her hyperdrive particularly balky. Despite her flaws, she’s beloved by her owners – Han Solo and Chewbacca have spent years searching the galaxy for the ship they once called home.

Imperial Conveyex Transport

For rapid transport of special cargo across surface distances on frontier worlds, the Empire uses heavily armored conveyex vehicles that travel along rails winding through treacherous terrain.

Solo hits theaters on May 25th.

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