SOLO Deleted Scene Shows Han and Qi’ra Being Chased Down on The Streets of Corellia

Solo: A Star Wars Story ended up being a great film. Most of the fans who actually went on and saw the film seemed to love it. The movie also got a lot of good word of mouth, but in the end it didn't make the kind of money that Lucasfilm and Disney were hoping for. That's a shame because I thought it was the best of the new Star Wars movies. 

Anyway, if you saw the film and enjoyed it, I've got a deleted scene here for you to watch. It's actually a decent and exciting scene as it features Han and Qi'ra on a foot chase by Proxima’s thugs on the streets of Corellia. 

There's actually a fun little scene where Qi’ra forces Han to jump into a vat filled with weird smelly eel-like creatures. According to USA Today, this is a "throwback (or foreshadowing, depending on how you look at it) to Carrie Fisher’s Leia forcing Harrison Ford’s older Solo into a garbage compactor in the original Star Wars."

Check out the clip below! Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to hit digital HD on September 14th, as well as DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD on September 25th.

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