Some Designers of Digimon Talk About Creating Awesome Digital Monsters

Digimon is often viewed as nothing more than a Pokemon copycat. Personally, I liked both franchises when I was a kid and while there were a number of similarities, there were a lot of differences.

I’m just saying, maybe people give digital monsters a bit more flack than they deserve. That being said, one of the best parts of both shows was the design of the monsters.

In order to celebrate the release of a special art book in Japan, several of the designers got together for a roundtable interview that talks about designing these creatures that have become so popular. A special thanks to garm from With the Will who translated the interview for English speakers.

One highlight in my opinion is when they brought Kagemaru Himeno on board to help create cute Digimon. Himeno was also designing Pokemon cards when he was recruited. That is nuts to me.

Feel free to check out the whole interview and let us know what stood out to you.

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