Some Rumored Early Plot Details Have Surfaced For STAR WARS: EPISODE IX


Some rumored plot details for Lucasfilm's Star War: Episode IX are currently making the rounds on the internet. The information is said to have come from some early storyboard art that pretty much covers the entire plot of the movie. 

The information comes from Reddit user FOOSLS, who previously revealed some information regarding The Last Jedi, some of which turned out to be legit. So there is a chance there could be some truth to his latest post. If you don't want to know the information, then you do not want to read any further.


If you’re still here just know that the big plot points of Episode IX will probably be spoiled for you if you continue reading this. But these are from early storyboards and may have been a part of director Colin Trevorrow's story before he was fired and replaced by J.J. Abrams. There are just some odd story elements and the fact that Leia is also a part of the plot tells us that these storyboards must have been planned and created before Carrie Fisher passed away.

Here are the rumored early plot details for the Star Wars: Episode IX:

Plot A would progress like this:
5 years after The Last Jedi the Resistance is no longer centralized and is not a popular idea among the galaxy. Kylo Ren’s rule over the galaxy is seen by most as benevolent. Many within the Resistance itself are questioning why they should even be fighting.
Not surprisingly, Rey, Poe, Finn, and Leia are all still holding fast to the idea the galaxy should not be under empirical rule.
They are tipped off by a mole inside the First Order promising that if they follow their lead, they will discover the horrifying true nature of the First Order.
The tip leads them to a planet in the unknown regions, and they must infiltrate a First Order command station to extract a young female alien prodigy who is the key to navigating these regions.
After a successful rescue of the girl who is essentially a prisoner of the First Order, they discover a planet entirely comprised of an ocean. Beneath its waters is the secret to the First Order’s unlimited resources, an ancient manufacturing station literally powered by the populations of conquered worlds of the unknown regions.
This entire A plot revolves around liberating the captives before they are exterminated and exposing these horrors to the galaxy at large. This plot is resolved with the Unknown Regions becoming united and preparing for war with the known regions.
The B plot revolves around Kylo Ren hunting down other Force users in secret using the Knights of Ren and trying to discover the mole among his ranks. At the end of the film it’s revealed Hux is the mole and is trying to get the galaxy to revolt against Ren’s empire and believes he can claim the throne after the fallout.
Many Force users have sought out Rey for protection, both really young and really old.
Rey and Kylo still converse through the force and can even manifest their whole presence in front of each other. It is slowly revealed they secretly love each other.
The big reveal in the film is that one of Rey’s “students” is actually her child, and Kylo becomes so enraged upon finding this that he nearly kills Rey who is only saved last minute by Leia.
As with last time I will add the disclaimer that this is an early story board but the heart of the film is there with secret love child and the theme of an Empire thriving but at a terrible cost. You can expect the story to play out very close to this.

There are certainly some interesting things there to think about. The whole Rey having a kid thing seems kinda weird.

If this information did come from the story that Colin Trevorrow was planning, this whole thing can be tossed out because when J.J. Abrams came on board to direct, he started from scratch and didn't use anything that Trevorrow had come up with.

Judging from what Kathleen Kennedy has said in the past about Leia, I don't think we are going to see her in the movie at all.

What are your thoughts on these plot details that have been been revealed?

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