Someone Did The Math To Show How Massive The Expanded STAR WARS UNIVERSE Actually Was

When Disney announced that they would be phasing out the previously established Star Wars universe moving forward, fans were upset. Although no one had a hard and fast number, it was apparent at the time that tons of lore, characters, and story lines would now be forgotten and go to waste. Now, thanks to EPFL, we know exactly how much was lost.

Sit down before you read this. Before its erasure, there were 20,000 total characters in the Star Wars universe. Of these characters (many of whom appeared in books, comics, video games), 7,500 played in important role in the lore. Ever wonder why there was a Jedi council for just a couple Jedi in the films? That's because there were actually 1,367 Jedi in the actual canon. There were also 724 Sith.

Out of 294 planets, the scholars found that 80% of the galaxy's population was human. Below you'll find a pie chart that will give you a ballpark idea of the size of the other races.

Essentially, it all comes out to A LOT of dismissed history. While Disney has been cherrypicking which characters they will have come back, it still sucks that a company as attentive to detail as them would not try to work within the expanded universe, don't you think?

How'd they do it? Using a computer program that pulls connected data from the web and attempts to connect it finding the same phrases or references. You can read all about that here.

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