Someone In Argentina Is Building A Moe's Tavern


Someone in Argentina is building a Moe's Tavern, and it's potentially all types of illegal. We're not just talking asking for permission from Fox or The Simpsons either, as Geekologie tells us the man building this homage to the show does not have the proper permits to set this up as a business (assuming that's his intention). 

It is located on the corner of Calle Martin Rodríguez and Laprida , in an area of low houses, rather quiet, and about 10 blocks from the train station.

The site tribute to The Simpsons is still in work and, as Infobae found out with the real estate company that sold the property, the owner still did not ask for the regulatory permits or the necessary qualifications to put a business there. However, they clarified that inside the house will also recreate the tavern as it is in the series.

My guess is if someone sends him a letter to shut it down they're going to be met with this response: 

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