Someone Made a Documentary about Bronies

First of all, for those of you who don't know what a Brony is, it's a hardcore male My Little Pony fan. This is a fairly new thing to me. My first encounter with a Brony was at a comic book store when my little girl wanted to buy a My Little Pony comic. The big, burly guy behind the counter was very excited about this and was talking to my daughter excitedly about the animated series. He then proceeded to roll up his shirt sleeve to reveal a Rainbow Dash tattoo on his forearm. For those of you who are Bronies, I'm not knocking ya! I just don't get it, but if that's your thing, good for you!

A documentary has been made called A Brony Tale, and it revolves around this Brony phenomenon that's sweeping the nation. It follows the journey of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic voice actress Ashleigh Ball as she travels to BronyCon, which is the largest My Little Pony fan convention in the world. I had no idea this Con existed until I saw the trailer for this doc. 

If you haven't been exposed to the world of Bronies yet, this trailer is your first look into that world.

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