Someone Other Than Thor May Lift Mjolnir in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

So far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe only three people have picked up Thor's hammer Mjolnir — Thor, Odin and The Vision. They are the only ones worthy to wield its power. According to a recent rumor, it seems as though another character will get to play with Mjolnir in Captain America: Civil War.

I'm going to throw out a SPOILER warning just to be safe, because I do talk about spoilery things:

The rumor was started over on the SuperheroHype message boards by a user named Charleswelsh who claims to have snuck onto the set in Atlanta, Georgia last Wednesday during his lunch break. Apparently, while he was looking around he saw a stunt being prepared that involved Captain America holding a "CGI stand-in prop that was shaped like a double sided hammer." Could that be Mjolnir?  If it's any hammer in the MCU, it has to be that one.

He also mentioned seeing another scene involving Captain America and Scarlet Witch fighting soldiers at the Atlantic Civic Center, which has been made to look like the Institute for Infectious Diseases. 

There's no confirmation that anything that this person is saying is true. He could have easily made it up. However, I will say that sometimes it is very easy to just walk right onto the set of a movie. I've done it a few times myself in the past and even went as far as eating the craft services food, just like this guy did. So I can vouch for the fact that it is possible. We just don't know if what he saw is legit or not.

We saw Captain America barely move the hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and in the comics he eventually picks it up, so it would make sense to see it happen sometime. Could it actually happen in Civil War? We heard rumors of Thor being in Civil War, so if this bit of intel turns out to be true, then it also seems to confirm the rumor of Thor being involved. 

I would love to see Captain America wield Mjolnir in the MCU, and if he does it, he might as well do it in Civil War because as we're all expecting, the all-American hero could die by the end of it. 

Here's the actual description from Charleswelsh:

"I decided to push my luck and headed for the entrance of the Civic Center where there were signs directing people to "Hair and Makeup" and "Extras Sign In". I went the opposite direction those signs were pointing and headed up a set of stairs, at the top of which was a row of floor to ceiling windows surrounding a courtyard. In the hallway were the directors chairs and monitors, and in the courtyard was Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and a bunch of knocked out soldiers on the ground. I calmly walked over to the area with the monitors and sat back to watch an awesome stunt where CA jumps onto the roof of the Civic Center (a good 30 foot leap). After one take, seems like they had a good shot and they let the actors break for lunch. Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans walked right by me! I was trying so hard to keep my cool. 

"After most of the important folks cleared out, I decided I had enough excitement and walked back to work. One interesting thing I noticed while they were preparing for the stunt, was Captain America waving around a CGI stand-in prop that was shaped like a double sided hammer. Do you guys think that means he's going to get his hands on Thor's hammer in this movie? Also, why do you think the Scarlet Witch (out of costume) and Captain America are doing breaking into an Infectious Disease Facility?"

So, do you think Cap will wield Mjolnir in Civil War?

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