Sony Execs Tell Daniel Craig To "Shut Up" When Talking About SPECTRE

While I do hate to perpetuate drama that really has little to do with the movie being promoted, it looks like the recent comments of Daniel Craig may allude to more than just his opinion of doing another James Bond film. The NY Post published an article yesterday saying Sony execs have instructed Craig to "shut up" when discussing the upcoming film, Spectre.

The instruction reportedly came after Craig said he'd rather "slit his wrists" than do another Bond film at the moment.

The article alleges that Craig was exceptionally hard to work with on set, and re-shoots were done just weeks before the film's release. Granted, some of those shots were due to a leg injury, but others were due to the studio's problems with the script.

Hopefully this off-screen trouble doesn't mar the overall quality of Spectre; it would be incredibly disappointing to have a poor follow-up to Skyfall, which is arguably one of the best Bond films of all time. It would also be upsetting if this drama leads to the last time we see Daniel Craig as Bond.

Who's in the wrong here?

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