Sony Pictures to Give THE INTERVIEW a Limited Theatrical Release

For those of you that were looking forward to seeing James Franco and Seth Rogen's controversial film The Interview, it looks like Sony is giving it a very limited theatrical release after all, and you might also get a chance to see it on VOD. 

Select theaters are preparing Christmas Day screenings for the film. So far, both the Plaza Atlanta theater and Alamo Drafthouse have announced via social media that Sony Pictures has authorized them to show the movie. Sony scrapped the movie after several major movie theater chains said they wouldn't screen the film after the studio's cyber attackers threatened to blow up theaters that screened the movie. It looks like the studio had a change of heart, though.

According to Variety, there is also growing speculation that the studio will also offer audiences the opportunity to watch the film through VOD. Last week, Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton told CNN they didn't have any on-demand providers willing to take on the movie, but that could have easily changed after the last few days. Especially after President Obama came out against Sony’s decision to cancel screenings of the film. The FBI recently came out and said that the hack attack on Sony Pictures was definitely the work of North Korea as a way of retaliation.

It's good to see some of these little independent theaters standing up to these terrorist threats. We can't let these people take away the freedoms of our country with fear. Here are some tweets that were posted by the theaters showing the movie:

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