Sony to Adapt The Comic Book Series FAITH into a Movie

Faith Herbert is a superhero from Valiant Comics. She has psionic abilities and, like many other heroes, is an orphan. Sony Pictures has decided to adapt Faith’s stories into a movie and people are excited.

First, many are excited because Faith is the first, or at least one of the few, plus-sized female superheroes to end up on the big screen in their own movie. Second, it’s not a Marvel or DC hero. I love the MCU and I’ve been very disappointed by the DCEU, and so I’m excited to see someone else get thrown into the mix to remind us that there are more than just the two comic companies. A third reason that I’m excited is that although I’ve never read her comics, I understand that she’s a very bubbly character. We don’t get that a lot in these superhero films and it can be very refreshing when it happens.

Here's some more detailed information on the character for those of you who aren't familiar:

After losing her parents in a car crash at a young age, Faith Herbert was raised by her loving grandmother. The young Faith found solace in the fantasy worlds her parents had once shared with her - comic books, science-fiction movies, the T.V. shows of Joss Whedon, and nerd fandom filled her life. Eventually, Faith thought she had found the secret to becoming a real superhero when she was approached by the Harbinger Foundation. There Faith met Peter Stanchek, another powerful psiot the Foundation had recently recruited. Utilizing his ability to activate other latent psiots, Peter unlocked the potential within Faith, giving her the ability to fly.
Flight, plus the ability to generate a companion field around nearby people and objects, carrying them telekinetically along her flight path. Recently she's delved into utilizing it in a psychokinetic fashion such as for shielding, a battering ram, manipulating internal mechanisms e.i. unlocking a door or moving people/objects around without physical contact.

Maria Melnik from American Gods will be writing the script and Faith will be produced by Toby Jaffe, Neal Moritz, and Dan Mintz. Many fans have already fan-cast Rebel Wilson as Faith, but what do you think? Who should direct the film and who should star in it?

Source: Deadline

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