Spectacular ATTACK ON TITAN Art by Greg Horn

Check out this stunningly beautiful piece of fan art for the anime Attack on Titan. The illustration was created by Greg Horn, and it'd be the perfect poster for any fan to own. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's selling prints. 

Apparently there is a color included in the piece that is also getting a lot of attention. The color is called Groange, and according to Dr. Robert Roth, it's rare to find. This is a quote from Roth talking about the color:

"Greg Horn’s Grorange used in ATTACK ON TITAN piece! Yes, the color made world famous by artist Greg Horn has been used again…this time in his painting of Mikasa besting the Colossus Titan. Leading scholars agree the rare color can be seen on the jacket-- just under the right armpit. We’ve run a battery of tests on her armpit, and the correct hue is found at just the right chromatic value. Clearly this is an artistic miracle!"

So if color gets you excited, there ya go!