SPIDER-MAN Comic Update, Peter Parker's Life Sucks Again

I mean it's Parker Luck for a reason, right? For anyone paying attention, the past few years, Peter Parker has been more Tony Stark than Peter Parker. Because of Doc Ock. He started his own company, got super rich, and had it all. Except, he's not too good at that, so it is all going away now.

For anyone who stopped reading Spider-Man because of this epic comic change, you'll be glad to know everything is going back to normal.. kinda. He's still famous, but not in a good way. He drove his company to the ground to avoid all the information being obtained by Doc Ock, who is alive again. He also destroyed all his cool wristwatch phones that were his biggest selling product, that pretty much everyone in the world had, but for the reason of stopping a zombie apocalypse. And... let's see... oh yeah! Most of the world blames him for part of Evil Captain America's super evil plan of taking over the world. The part that involved trapping New York City in a giant darkforce bubble with a bunch of demons.

So, he's broke and the world hates and blames him for everything. Spider-Man has better press than Peter Parker. This is a big step into making Peter Parker the guy I relate with though. Him not being successful and having everything he wanted was what made me always like him. I mean sure, I wanted to be Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, but that wasn't who I was. I was Peter Parker. Screwing up relationships, job opportunities, and schooling in one foul swoop. He was a hero, despite how much it made life difficult for him.

A lot of this feels like Marvel's new campaign of Marvel Legacy. Returning everything to the status quo in the Marvel world before moving forward. It's not a bad idea either. I know we all get upset when they bring characters back to life or make big changes only to revert things back, but before we can move forward, a lot of times we have to go back. 

I for one am excited to see Spider-Man as a man of the people again, instead of Spider-themed Batman. It just feels right. Check out the newest issues of The Amazing Spider-Man out now. It's solid work with good art an interesting story. Spoilers: Peter Parker is crashing on Mockingbird's couch. LOL. Post your thoughts below.

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