SPIDER-MAN Director Addresses Deleted Scene Short Film, Captain Britain, Sinister Six, and Gwen Stacy Rumors

spiderman far from home.jpg

We’ve got a cool video for you to check out wherein ComicBookMovie's Josh Wilding interviews Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts about the movie, extra scenes, rumors, and so much more.

In the video, Wilding asks about the scenes we saw in the trailers that were not included in the movie, like the scene where Spider-Man thwarts the gangsters. Watts says those scenes are part of a montage that includes Parker getting ready for his trip, checking things off his to-do list, which will make up a fun little short that will be included on the Blu-ray for the film, as well as some other fun deleted scenes.

Wilding also asks if the rumors that Gwen Stacy or the Sinister Six were considered to be included in the film were true, and Watts said he never thought of Gwen Stacy for this film, and it just wasn’t the time to introduce the Sinister Six.

He also said there was thought of a Captain Britain cameo, as part of the film took place in London, but there was no way to cohesively add the character. He reiterated that they really just wanted to put full focus on the story they had, and that’s admirable. Fans like cameos and Easter eggs, but if it’s just thrown in gratuitously, that’s not respectful to the story that’s being told. It sounds like Watts is extremely focused, and it really showed in the end result.

Watts talks about lots of other cool stuff related to the film, so check out the video below. I loved Spider-Man: Far From Home so much! It was such a great film. Have you seen it yet? What was your favorite scene?

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