SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Director Talks the Multiverse and Says the Trailer is Just "Scratching the Surface"

Yesterday Marvel unleashed the new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, and it shed some light on where the MCU is headed with the introduction of the multiverse.

In the trailer we learn that Mysterio is from an Earth from an alternate universe. While I initially thought that there was a chance Mysterio was lying about where he was from and that he is behind The Elementals. Well, according to director Jon Watts, all of it is actually true.

When talking about the aftermath of the events of Avengers: Endgame and how he wanted to move forward with the effects of it in Far From Home, the director told Fandango:

“So many things happened in Endgame, but you don't see any of the fallout. So I used Peter Parker/Spider-Man as an opportunity to get that ground-level perspective to show you what it would look like if all these crazy things had happened. What would day-to-day life be? If you were snapped away, you’d have to work backwards and retake your midterms.”

He then goes on to confirm that the story will explore alternate dimensions and the new multiverse aspect of the MCU saying:

“Well, I mean, yeah. We had to look at it in terms of the scope of what happened at the end of Endgame. Seeing all the crazy things that they did and all the questions that raises. So we're definitely trying to answer one of the big ones -- alternate timelines. So many possibilities opened up at the end of Endgame, and Peter Parker is one of the few people on the ground dealing with them.”

He also went on to confirm that The Elementals in the film are also from the same alternate universe that Mysterio is from. When asked about that Watts said:

“Yes, exactly. Exactly. They're both from the same sort of parallel dimension, yeah.”

Then, even though the trailer was packed full of really great stuff and exciting new information, the director said, “It’s just really scratching the surface.” Well, I can’t wait to see how the movie really dives into this stuff and explores it further.

Oh! And in case you were wondering, Watts also confirmed Michael Keaton will not be back as Vulture in the sequel, which was previously rumored.

Far From Home opens in theaters on July 5th. What are your thoughts on the direction the film is headed and the future of the MCU and the multiverse?

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