Spike Jonze's HER - Movie Review

Hollywood always seems to save the best movies for the end-of-the-year! Pretty much every movie that I've seen in the last month has been incredible. The reason they save all the best movies for the end of the year is because the award season is coming up, and the studios want their movies to be fresh on everybody's minds. 

The most recent of these film I went to see was director Spike Jonze's Her. And yes, it's another incredible movie that I enjoyed immensely. It's a very unique and different kind of love story. I've never seen anything like this before obviously, and Jonze did a brilliant job bringing this crazy fascinating romance to life. 

Jonze has such a unique style to the films he makes. They're quirky, funny, and entertaining, and they've got everything that we love about movies. What sets them apart from the rest is the style and tone. They have this wonderful individuality to them that makes them different from all the other types of movies being made in their respective genres. Like I said, they're just unique, and Her takes the romance film and turns it on its head. 

The story takes place in the near future and basically follows a man who ends up in a relationship with an operating system. It's kind of like Siri, but it's a more advanced artificial intelligence. He ends up falling in love with the system, the name of which is Samantha, and we get a very good glimpse of what it's like for a man to have a relationship with an A.I. that has no physical form. Like any relationship it has its ups and downs, but these are quite different and unexpected. It was just really interesting seeing how this relationship plays out. You might think this is crazy, but it's something I could actually see happening in the society we live in. Hell, it probably already is happening somewhere to someone! I enjoyed seeing how the relationship grew, and it was interesting to see how the A.I. evolves through the course of the movie and the problems that it causes in the relationship. Overcoming those problems and challenges are some of the most intriguing parts of the story. 

I just want to point out that one of my favorite parts in the movie included the main character's conversations with a holographic video game character that he's playing. I also enjoyed Jonze's vision of the future. It wasn't overboard, there were just these slight changes here and there to make things different. It's what really we might expect the future to look like.  

When it comes to the acting Jaoquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, and Amy Adams were all fantastic. The characters they played were all a little quirky, but they were also very likable. 

I will say there are parts that kind of just dragged on. I wouldn't go to the movie if I were tired. I'm not saying it's boring, I'm just saying there are parts of it that kind of drag on, and if you're not interested in these kinds of films then you'll probably get a little bored with it. I just noticed that reaction from some of the people in the theater. This is one of those films where you have to invest your attention into it. 

The movie isn't for everybody, but there's definitely audience out there like that will really enjoy it. I suggest you go and check it out when you get a chance!

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