SPLATOON - Nintendo's Bright and Bonkers Third Person Shooter

Nobody makes something scream FUN like Nintendo, and Splatoon (which, I must say, is a fantastic name) looks as if somebody spilled a bottle of fun all over a video game. Splatoon is a 4 on 4 third person shooter that puts you in the lovable shoes of an inkling, a squid like creature that when not in their original form look like your normal everyday super soaker carrying kids. Each team is assigned a different color of ink, and while the goal is to beat the other team in deathmatch style combat, the ink itself transforms the battlefield as the match goes on. Anywhere your color of ink covers you can then transform into your squid form and move through it at a much greater speed (as seen in the trailer below), which allows you to get to hard to reach areas or surprise enemy snipers and campers. Things like paint rollers are also accessible, allowing your team to get an advantage since they can move to and from somewhere on the map with ease.

Check out the trailer and the additional screenshots below, and let us know what you think about Nintendo's ultra colorful 4 vs 4 shooter in the comments.  

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