Spoiler Details on Mar-Vell's Role in CAPTAIN MARVEL


Some new information has surfaced regarding Captain Marvel that some of you might be interested in learning. This intel involves the character Mar-Vell and contains big spoiler filled information. So if you don’t want to know anything like this, don’t read ahead!


For months leading up to the release of Captain Marvel, we thought that the mysterious character Jude Law would be playing was Mar-Vell. Then it was revealed that he would actually be taking on the role Yon-Rogg.

Well, thanks to We Got This Covered, we now know who is really playing Mar-Vell in the movie and it’s someone who is pretty unexpected. According to a source who is said to have seen the movie, Mar-Vell is actually being played by Annette Bening. But, wait? Isn’t she supposed to be the Supreme Intelligence? Yes, and she is! Here’s the explanation of how this all works:

“When Carol encounters the Supreme Intelligence, it projects an image of someone from Carol’s memories to her and that’s who Carol sees the Supreme Intelligence as. The Supreme Intelligence projects itself as someone different to everyone it encounters – think of the Bogart in Harry Potter, only this involves happiness rather than primal fear – but to Carol, it projects itself as a woman who Brie Larson’s heroine thinks is her mom. However, we soon learn that this woman isn’t her mom. Rather, it’s a Kree in disguise who was a doctor on Earth that saved Carol. But this isn’t just any Kree: it’s Mar-Vell, played in this instance by Annette Bening.”

So that’s pretty cool and interesting! If you braved entering the spoiler territory, what do you think about how Mar-Vell and the Supreme Intelligence are being utilized in the film?

Captain Marvel will fly into theaters on March 8th, 2019.

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