Spoiler Filled Info on AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

Thanks to our friends at Joblo.com we have some great SPOILER filled information on Joss Whedon's highly anticipated sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some of the stuff mentioned here is pretty cool, but if you don't want to have anything spoiled for you then don't read ahead. Some of the provided info focuses on Ultron, The Avengers team, Tony Stark, Vision, Hulk, and even the opening battle of the film. I think I've warned you enough about the spoilers, so if you keep on reading it's your own fault! 


The site says that there will be three different versions of the villain throughout the movie. He will constantly be upgrading himself throughout the film. He will be coated in Vibranium and apparently he will spend some time "seeking out more of the raw material to continue his upgrades." Their source also says that James Spader will be doing motion capture work for at least "one iteration of the character." 

The Avengers:

As we already know from the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Tony Stark is going to be funding The Avengers initiative from here on out. Especially since S.H.I.E.L.D. was destroyed. He funds new tech for the team, new costumes with the Avengers logo in place of the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo, and even a new Quinjet. The team is also not in hiding or even attempting to keep a low profile. They are are out in the open and very vocal about keeping the world safe.

Tony Stark:

There's a big piece of information here about Tony Stark. According to the site's source, he has created an army of Iron Man "drones," a lot like the ones like he used at the end of Iron Man 3 before he blew them up. These drones are used to "keep the peace," and we may have already had our first look at them in the concept art for Quicksilver.


They say the character's costume will retain the green and yellow color scheme, but it will obviously get the Marvel Cinematic upgrade. Vision is being played by Paul Bettany, and like Ultron, he will not make his full reveal until the final act of the movie. 

Hulk and cameos:

Hulk will get a pair of "stretchy pants" in the movie that are built to grow and shrink with him when he goes back and forth between Banner and big giant green beast. A couple of cameos might include Don Cheadle as War Machine and Anthony Mackie as Falcon.

Opening Battle:

The first battle in the film is said to take place a forested area, which "may or may not lead to a confrontation with Baron Von Strucker and their first encounter with 'The Twins' aka Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch." This is also supposedly the first time we get to see the first "hero shot" of the Avengers together. 

If this is all true, I really like the way things are shaping up for this movie. We all know it's going to be awesome! It's just fun to get little details like this every once in awhile. It definitely builds up my excitement for the flick! I'm really hoping that Marvel shows off the first footage from the film this July at San Diego Comic-Con.

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