SPOILER May Have the Key to Beating Drakkon in Preview for MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #29

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 will be released within the next day or two, but you can check out a preview for it below. Keep in mind that there will be some spoilers if you want to wait for the full issue to be released on July 18.


The Power Rangers are in serious trouble as only a handful of them are left and Drakkon can use the Black Ranger cannons to de-morph them. Thankfully, the Rangers have a couple people who can help make those cannons ineffective. Also, Ninjor better explains what Drakkon is planning. We get to see a war plan start coming together, Andros crashing close to the Command Center with what could be the key to beating Drakkon, and then Drakkon getting very angry at his guards for Skull’s betrayal. I'm thinking Skull may die by the end of the issue. I cannot wait for the release of this issue!


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