Spoilery New Plot Details of THOR: RAGNAROK Revealed!

Yesterday, we reported on some rumored plot details for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that you can check out here if you want. Screen Geek seems to have some big inside information on what Marvel is doing because they have also released some new plot details on director Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok. There's already been a good amount of information on this film that you can catch up on here, but this latest info offers some spoilery story details that you might not want to know, so proceed with caution. 

The info included here touches on the tone of the film, Loki's role in the story, what Thor and Hulk are looking for, Skurge's story arc, and more. 

The movie will have a serious tone with little moments of humor, like The Winter Soldier, which is being used as a template.
Loki is the one that sends Hulk to the gladiator planet where Thor later ends up, Valkyrie is also a warrior in that planet and befriends Thor, but they don’t actually become a couple although there’s a spark between them.
Jane Foster is not referenced at all in the script.
Thor, Hulk and Valkyrie have to find the Soul Gem in order to defeat Loki and Hela, who has helped Loki usurp the throne, but is also planning to destroy the Nine Realms in the Ragnarok.
Loki is eventually betrayed by Hela and helps Thor defeat her, but then Loki betrays him as well and gives the Soul Gem to Thanos, as well as the location of the other Infinity Stones, for his own protection when Thanos launches his offensive on the universe.
Skurge is Hela’s champion, but he follows her under false pretenses, and turns against her when he finds out what her true plans are, holding off her armies alone at the cost of his own life to give Thor a chance.
Surtur and the Fenris Wolf will appear, among others.
Odin has been living as a vagrant on Earth ever since Loki usurped the throne and banished him. He gets his full power back in the final scene to battle the Ragnarok monsters.
Sif, the Warriors Tree and Heimdall are returning. Heimdall dies.
Doctor Strange will have a cameo.

Lots of interesting stuff here! But I'm still bummed out that there's no mention of Enchantress! When are they going to bring her into the MCU!? She's one of my favorite characters.  

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