Square Enix Reveals Their Play Arts Kai WONDER WOMAN Action Figure

It's pretty cool to see all the attention that DC Entertainment's Wonder Woman film is getting. A lot of people didn't think that DC would be able to make a truly great film, but they proved them wrong. I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive, but they pulled it off and made a great movie! I loved it!

Now today, Square Enix has released the photos and details for their upcoming Wonder Woman Play Arts Kai Figure and I think fans will like what they see. The design of the character is based on the same design from the movie. 

The figure will stand about 10″ tall and she will include multiple interchangeable hands, a lasso of truth, a sword, a shield and a figure stand. The sword and the Lasso of Truth can also both be stored on her hip.

The figure will be released in September and will cost about $134.

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