Stan Lee Could have Been Decapitated in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

A few months ago we learned that Stan Lee almost had a different cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy than what we saw. It was explained that, originally, director James Gunn "had planned to have Lee in one of the Collector's exhibits. Groot would then look at the exhibit aghast, to which Lee would flick off the large tree creature." You can see a test photo of that here.

It turns out there was another very morbid idea that Gunn suggested for Lee's cameo and it would have involved an explosion and his head being decapitated. The director talked about the idea during a Q&A with the Jeff Goldsmith podcast.

Gunn explained that Lee was originally going to be unveiled in one of The Collector’s glass chambers when Star-Lord and his pals bring the Infinity Stone to The Collector. It was during this scene that Gunn planned to detonate the box that Lee resided in. I assume it would have been from the explosion from the stone. He said:

"Kevin thought it was a little bit too jokey. And then also we very clearly saw Stan Lee’s box exploding, when the thing explodes. And I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Stan Lee’s…these are the kind of ideas that I would come up with and Marvel would say I think that’s super James Gunn…but Stan Lee’s head is rolling into frame.’ And anyway, so we didn’t do that."

I wonder if Lee or Disney would have been ok with that if Kevin Feige would have been on board with the idea. It definitely would have been interesting to see Lee's head roll into frame! I think the fans would have got a kick out of it. I completely understand why it didn't happen though. Do you think they should have rolled with it?

Via: Cinema Blend

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