Stan Lee Featured as MCU's THE WATCHER in Cool Fan-Made Trailer

Stan Lee has made a cameo appearance in almost every Marvel film. This has sparked a fan theory that's been around for awhile that Lee is the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Uatu, also known as The Watcher, but in human form. 

The Watcher is one of the oldest beings in the Marvel Universe and is part of a alien race that watches over and observes the Marvel universe. The character records everything that happens, and he's specifically assigned to watch over the events of Earth, but he doesn’t involve himself in its affairs.

Cinefix has taken the concept of this theory and turned it into a great fan trailer. The video is called "Stan Lee is 'The Watcher’ - Trailer Mix," and you can check it out below. Even if the theory is wrong, I'd still like to think that it's true. Stan Lee is the one thing that connects the every Marvel film including the films at Fox. 

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