Stan Lee Says Someone is Impersonating Him and Reaches Out To The Fans For Help and Shares a Heartfelt Video

Videos Stan Lee by Joey Paur

The bizarre events of Stan Lee's life continue as now it seems that someone has hacked his Facebook and Instagram accounts and is impersonating him. It seems like this poor guy has had an incredibly rough year of people taking advantage of him. Now there's this, and he reached out to his fans on Twitter asking them for help and to defend him. 

A lot of people were wondering if this was actually Stan Lee tweeting or the hacker. There has been a ton of amusing responses from the fans, while others express concern over his vulnerability and how people are taking advantage of him. Then he Tweeted out this video message, proving that it was him and thanked the fans for their help and concern. 

It's great to see him in such high spirits and happy! With the kind of media world that we live in today, it's getting harder and harder to tell what the truth is and what is being falsified. I just hope that Stan Lee is ok and that he's being taken care of properly. 

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