Star-Spangled Kirby Art by Geogant

Anyone who's played Smash Brothers against someone who picks Kirby knows the hilarity/frustration that happens when your character of choice (in my case mostly Marth) gets eaten by the little pink guy you see above. Sure, it's even worse that he gets your powers for awhile, but above all that it's just insulting to get eaten and spit out like a bad pumpkin pie pop tart (those were so disappointing). Thing is, it seems Nintendo's cast of characters was no longer a big enough obstacle, so the pink wonder moved on to take down Marvel's premier superhero team The Avengers, starting with the de facto leader, Captain America. 

The quite fantastic pic you see above was created in about 20 minutes by artist George Gant (creator of webcomic On The Grind), and as someone already stated, hopefully this is the first of a series of Kirby-vengers mashups. You can catch more of his work on Deviant Art and on Facebook, and let us know what characters you would like to see if it does in fact become a series.

My votes are Kirby Widow, Kirby Ms.Marvel, and Kirby Black Knight.

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