STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 3 Will Have a 1,000 Year Time Jump

During the big Star Trek: Discovery panel at Comic-Con this weekend, producer Alex Kurtzman revealed a major aspect of Season 3 that fans might not have expected. Season 3 “will take place 1,000 years in the future” after the end of Season 2. He went on to say that that is “the furthest that any Star Trek series has gone before.”

That’s a huge leap, and it’s a fascinating choice to make to continue this Star Trek journey! He went on to tease that “there will be things you recognize and don’t recognize.” In case you don’t remember, at the end of Season 2, Discovery headed into a time warp, and when they come out of it, Michael Burnham and her crew will be separated, and it won’t be in the same place.

Kurtzman went on to say, “they have big problems.” Burnham actress Sonequa Martin-Green added, “We are not in Taralesium.” Kurtzman went on to say that Burnham “goes through a lot of changes,” and she bears the responsibility of taking the Discovery crew through the wormhole. Kurtzman also teased that the new Captain of Discovery will be revealed in Season 3.

When talking about the creation process of the series the producer said, “I like to lead every conversation about how we create Star Trek with that we filter it through Gene Roddenberry’s vision off optimism… We get to honor canon, but we get to shake up everything.” He then added, “We’re not erasing anything.”

It was also announced that David Ajala has joined the cast of Season 3 as a new character named Book. Book has “a natural charisma and devil-may-care attitude that tends to get him into trouble as often as it gets him out.” We can also expect new characters to be introduced.

We don’t know when Season 3 will debut on CBS All Access yet, but it’ll happen eventually! What do you think of the changes coming to the series?

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