STAR TREK Fan's $500,000 Memorabilia Collection

Anthony Sforza is a 48-year-old hardcore Star Trek fan that has spent 1,500 man hours and half a million dollars to transform his basement into the ultimate Star Trek man cave. As big of a geek as I am, I could think of a ton of other things that I'd rather spend $500,000 on. What he put together though is quite impressive. He even has a ‘bridge’ viewing room that is modeled after the USS Enterprise NX-01. He started with an original set piece that he bought from auction and then matched the exact paint and materials.

A Star Trek fan has boldly gone where no fan has gone before -- by building a replica Enterprise in his basement worth a staggering $500,000. Anthony Sforza has loved the show for as long as he can remember and starting collecting action figures in the 1980s. After amassing a huge collection he started on his most ambitious project to date in 2010 -- building his own replica bridge from the iconic Enterprise in his basement. The married father of two, said: "It was very difficult at first to find the materials that they used on the show -- I tried to call but getting an answer was impossible. "But I was able to purchase a piece of the original set which I pulled apart to find out the exact paint and materials that were used and that's how I created this basement." Anthony has the full support of his wife Annette and sons Michael, 11 and Daniel, 7 who live with him above the replica enterprise in Long Island, New York.

What would you spent half a million dollars on? 

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